Functional Genetics is the Future of Medicine

Medicine Based On Our Genes

Today, our physicians pick therapies based on research done on thousands of people. Doctors have very limited ability to adjust therapy based on individual differences. Imagine a world where medicine is created based on our genes. This will completely change how treatments are given and revolutionize the future of medicine.

 As of now, we have companies like 23andme and HealthCoach7 that are working towards a future where each of us will be knowledgeable about our personalized genetic blueprint. All it takes is a simple saliva sample for you to test over 600,000 SNPs through 23andme. Then, once you have your genetic raw data, you can convert it to a readable report through HealthCoach7 and you will be able to know amazing information like: What diseases are you predisposed to? What should be done to prevent those predisposed diseases? What kind of exercise should you follow in order to achieve your potential? What kind of diet is best for your body and what kind of diets you should avoid? Also, what kind of treatments will work for you, as an individual, and which treatments will harm you?

This information is available right now and we are seeing a huge movement where all this data will be stored at once in our personal electronic medical charts. Once it is stored, it will tell your physician all of the critical information that we just mentioned above.

Some of you may not believe this, but you should, because we are already seeing the first use of personalized medicine techniques with cancer treatment. Eventually, we will see the same personalized approach with all human illness.

A great breakthrough example:

Many of the first breakthroughs in personalized medicine have occurred in breast cancer research.  The identification of genes linked to breast cancer (BRCA1, BRCA2, CDH1, CHEK2, PTEN, p53, ATM) allows us to warn women and men at increased risk for cancer decades before it might develop. Individuals can then make decisions to help prevent or detect cancer early.

Healthy living makes a difference

Our increased understanding of the genetic basis of disease has helped us to realize how important it is to take good care of our bodies. Smoking, obesity, and alcohol kill by causing DNA damage or exploiting genetic weakness.  Exercise and a healthy diet are vital. Genomics will determine how these lifestyle decisions help cause or prevent disease. Personalized medicine will help each of us design lives to decrease the risk of illness and fight it when it occurs. If you would like to find out more about your genetics and create a plan for better health please visit


  1. I’m an FDN practitioner starting my business. Very interested in learning the physiology of MTHFR and all the other SNPs. Have any recommended resources for someone who can’t hire you yet? Thanks for the awesome blog!

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