Putting Bad Genes on Good Behavior – Webinar

HealthCoach7’s “Putting Bad Genes On Good Behavior”


With Dr. John Catanzaro

This is the first of many HealthCoach7 live webinars presented by Dr. John Catanzaro about how to use functional genetics to achieve better health. The point of this webinar is to provide a overall look at how genetics can be used in your life.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Genetics and Epigenetics
  • Gene Sensitivity Profiling and Patterns
  • Methylation and DNA Protection
  • Patterns in Mitochondrial Insufficiency
  • Recognizing Immune and Inflammatory Sensitivities
  • Recognizing Hormonal, Neurohormonal and Circadian Sensitivities
  • Recognizing Detoxification Sensitivities
  • Functional Plan Development

Webinar is about about 1 hour with 30 minutes of Q&A at the end.


Full Video Transcription Coming Soon!


  1. charlene

    Still learning~

  2. Heather Landsberger

    I am busy during the live webinar. How do I get access to the recording? Thank you for your help!

  3. Dale

    I would really like a copy of the recording of this seminar.
    I’m highly sensitive to all drugs…even all antibiotics.
    I have late stage chronic Lyme disease with all the co- infections. I also have fibromyalgia for about twenty years…my pain is unbearable.If it continues, or gets worse I will be forced to take my own life.

  4. Maria

    Can’t attend live, but not sure if registering now takes a seat away from a live attendee. Would like to hear on replay. Thanks!

  5. Jill Eisenberg

    I’m not able to be available for the tues webinar.. WORK.. so want to listen within the next 24 hours afterwards..
    is that possible?

  6. Jill Eisenberg

    want to listen to the webinar next day.. is there access.?

  7. Jill Eisenberg

    wtf..is this not submitting? and telling me that my “code” is ALWAYS WRONG.. WHEN I CAN SEE THAT’S ITS NOT!!! ARRRR

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