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Hey Everyone!

As our company expands and our client care becomes more and more advanced, a need for change grows bigger and bigger each day to keep up with the demand. I am just writing this as an update to tell you about some exciting upcoming changes that are going to be implemented at HealthCoach7 very soon.

All of the below changes are being made to provide better client care and user experience with us. In general, we are increasing the time spent with each client, reducing the amount of clients seen each day, and making your care easier for you to manage.

Initial Consults:

1. We are going to be setting aside 2 hours for each initial consult instead of 1 hour like previous. This will be done so that we can provide the initial consult face-to-face time with Dr. John (about 1 hour) and also set aside designated time for Dr. John to build your genetic plan immediately following your consult in hopes of getting the plan completed to you same day. This added time will change the initial consult amount from $250 to $495.
2. We have added an Expedited Initial Consult package that books Dr. John for 4 hours in a single day to have your Initial Face-to-Face consult, time for Dr. John to build a plan, time to have a Followup Face-to-Face consult, and time to make changes and expedite coordination of any testing or services recommended by Dr. John. This has been added for those clients that want to get started and apply their protocol ASAP. This package will be booked for $895.

Followup Consults:

1. We have increased the amount of time set aside for Followup Consults, again to set aside designated time to coordinate care immediately following the consult. This will change the price from $145 to $200 for Followup Consults.
2. We have added packages for Followup Consults. Packages range from 2 sessions all the way up to 20 sessions depending on the needs of our clients. Each package offers a discount ranging from 5% to 30%

Supporting Services:

1. We have added the addition of paying for supporting services (email questions and email lab reviews) for care outside of your scheduled Followup Consults.
2. These services have been added to protect the doctor’s time and client’s needs. The best way to explain the need for this is to point out that consults are booked to pay for Dr. John’s time and expertise in creating and coordinating your care. Emails with questions and labs also demand Dr. John’s time and expertise to review, understand, and make proper suggestions. Recently we have been absolutely swamped with emails requesting lab reviews, care coordination, and care changes. If we don’t change to manage it now, it will lead to even longer wait times, answers without proper thought, and a whole mess of issues that will affect our ability to provide amazing care.
3. The cost for an email question (up to 500 words) or lab review outside of your consult is $50. Longer emails can be submitted with added fees as well as more labs can be submitted with added fees. These fees are explained during the booking process.
4. This new system also allows for us to have designated time to answer your questions and review your labs. Before, we were just doing it in between client consults, nights, and weekends when we had time.
5. Questions to any of the admin staff at HealthCoach7 are always welcome (booking questions, supplement questions, lab ordering questions, basically anything that doesn’t require a doctors time, etc..)

Booking Processes:

1. We have simplified and streamlined our client history forms, booking process, and payment process so that it can be done as fast and efficiently as possible. No more waiting on emails for instructions or the next steps, it will be done in one simple process to allow you to submit info, pay and see the schedule quickly.
2. We have also updated our reminder systems to have a better reminder process and also the ability to include text message reminders for those of you on the go with limited access to email.
3. Along with the updated reminder systems, we have updated our reschedule and cancellation policies. The bottom line on this is that you must give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your consult. If you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your consult, you will be charged for 50% of the consult price. Of course, exceptions are made for emergencies and situations out of your control (weather, power outage, etc..).
4. On the flip side, we will offer the same promise. If we cancel on you within 24 hours of your consult for reasons outside of an emergency or situation out of our control (weather, power outage, etc..) we will reschedule your consult and refund you half of the price paid.


1. We have acquired a Quest lab testing account that allows us to send digital lab requisitions to basically anywhere in the US. Once we hit the send button, the requisition will be available at most all of the Quest draw stations within your state.
2. Along with digital lab requisitions, we also have discounted cash test prices available for our clients that don’t have insurance or wish to not use their insurance. We have made these prices as affordable as possible and so far have been able to save clients thousands of dollars.


1. My favorite change happening soon is the introduction of a new supplement packaging protocol. We have invested in the machinery that will allow us to custom package your supplements in easy to use daily packs. This will allow us to put a supplement pack together that contains exactly what you need for 1 month, split into packs to take at specific times throughout the day. Instead of having 10 supplement bottles to take 5 supplements in the morning and 5 supplements in the evening, you will have an single daily AM pack and a single daily PM pack that you can take with you, wherever you go. This will also allow us to send sample packs to our clients that have a hard time with specific pills. Instead of investing in full bottles that you might not be able to use, we will be able to send a 5-day supply to make sure you tolerate everything well before purchasing. This should greatly increase the ability to easily manage your supplement protocols.

IV Therapy:

1. We are putting together a list of genetic friendly IV therapy centers, doctors, and nurses throughout the United States. If you know of any, please let us know so we can add it to our list.



Anyways, as you can see there are a lot of changes taking place in the next month. Please bear with us as these changes take place and know that we are working our hardest to transition these changes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

Kris Fobes

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