Our Story

Where we started

Our company was founded by Dr. John Catanzaro and Kris Fobes in 2012, two innovators that saw a need for a proactive health system using the blueprint of our bodies; genetics. Dr. John Catanzaro, a graduate of Bastyr, author, speaker, educator, and leader in the genetic community  has been using genetics heavily in his naturopathic practice since 1996 with emphasis in immunogenetics and oncology. Kris Fobes, armed with certificates in genetics, computer science and business from MIT, Harvard, and UBC brings the technology development and business side into the picture. Together, Dr. John Catanzaro and Kris Fobes bring a very powerful force to the table in developing cutting edge strategies for leading the genetic industry in functional genetic use. 


The 7 Dynamics™

Developing a system that turns genetics into a functional movement is no easy task. Especially when the genetic community as a whole is developing new research almost by the hour. We knew from the very beginning we would have to simplify the network of about 24,000 genes that lie within our body so we developed the 7 Dynamics of Health™. Using the 7 Dynamics, we were able to bunch genes into relational topics such as immunity, detoxification, and hormones. This allowed us to develop treatments from a holistic approach that covered whole body health for our clients without getting overwhelmed by thousands of genes. Using our 7 Dynamics, we have seen incredible results in the clients we see. 

The Future of HealthCoach7

HealthCoach7 has been making serious progress in shaping the way health professionals use genetics to treat their clients. We have developed tools and research in disease health, diet choices, fitness choices, and environmental impacts. Currently we are working on developing all of these tools further and growing our network of health professionals that use genetics in their practice. Our genetic research will get bigger, our tools will become more powerful, and our education will have more outreach in the very near future.