Genetic Information

The Power of DNA is real!

Your health is a complex interaction between your genes and your lifestyle. But – up until now – diet, exercise, and other health recommendations have been based on meeting the needs of the average person… You are not the average person! Nobody is. Everybody’s DNA is a little different. Genetic testing identifies these variations, also known as polymorphisms, and provides insight into your specific needs to allow you to live a healthier, more vibrant life. It is time for your healthcare advice to match the individual nature of your genes.

Get Better Results From Diet and Exercise

Achieve your fitness and wellness goals more efficiently by adapting your diet and exercise practices to your genes. Discover potential nutrient deficiencies, your optimal macronutrient balance, and tendencies towards particular eating habits. Determine which workout programs will yield the best results, your risk of injury, and your recovery needs.

Know Your Roots

Discover your origins and determine your Neanderthal percentage. Understanding your past enables you to make better decisions for your future. Your ancestry can affect how you and your genes respond to the environment around you.

Become the Best You

By knowing our genetic code we can control our environment to work well with the genes that we have. This can put on you the path to the highest achievable health that your genes can provide. Creating a plan with your genes will help you achieve a long and vibrant life! 

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