There are trillions of cells in the human body and 23,000 genes that can be turned on and off. It has been said that your genes load the metabolic gun, but when it comes to creating real damage, your environment pulls the trigger.  Your daily habits are turning on some genes and turning off others in your cells.  It is crucial that you flip the genetic switch leading to a host of wellness and not future disease. You can literally transform your genetic programming by acting on healthy habits.  Your parent’s plight does not have to be yours.  By the actions you take, you have the power to activate genes that could give your children and grandchildren greater opportunities for health.

You have more than a quadrillion mitochondria in your body responsible for taking the food you eat and the air you breathe and turning it into energy.  Your mitochondria are paramount for energy production, fat loss and disease-free living.  Keeping your metabolic furnace burning hot is a sure sign of healthy aging.  Many factors, both lifestyle and genetic play into metabolic health.  Depending on your habits, your metabolism can be slowed or enhanced.  Stoke your fire, rev your metabolic engine and renew your youth!


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The immune system is the hardest working system of the body. It is constantly trying to defend against all types of invaders including viruses, bacteria, fungus, bad environment, bad food, and cells in the body that have gone bad (cancer cells). Again, your genes and favorable DNA can influence your immunity. When the body is continuously exposed to microbes and toxins, it needs to be able to adapt quickly and favorably. The combination of prolonged exposure coupled with a weakened immune system causes unfavorable activation of genes resulting in DNA damage.  Nurturing your immune system is essential to keep you from having to take unplanned breaks in life to repair and recoup.

Inflammation is a normal activity of the human body and it is necessary to begin the healing process resulting from injury. The key word is injury. When the human body continuously battles against “injury,” it is in a constant state of inflammation. We often think of inflammation as red, hot to the touch, swelling and pain. Most people do not realize that this process can occur without the obvious warning signs. This inflammation can occur silently via the continuous damaging of healthy cells and body tissues. Inflammation is a valuable warning sign, but when out of balance can be disastrous.  You don’t need Ibuprofen, you need balance.


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Scientists estimate that each human being carries a minimum of 700 different chemical contaminants. If there was ever a time to make sure your detoxification pathways are at full operating capacity, today is that day. Detoxification is a continual act of every cell and system in the body. It requires specific nutrients and life habits to run effectively. The toxic burden on your body has never been higher, yet understanding how to strengthen your own detox pathways has never been greater. You can literally turn what is likely a cesspool of environmental and cellular waste into a raging white capped river of renewed vitality.

Aging graciously and optimally is well within your reach.  Every cell has its beginning point and end point in the life cycle.  However, unhealthy aging is not a normal process. It is a destructive process and this, in fact, can be prevented and stopped. Your hormones play a pivotal role in the ease of your aging.  If they are balanced, your hormones will continually build and repair tissues to enable you to age with minimal health distraction.  Your environment, diet, relationships, stress and lifestyle can facilitate hormone balance for the positive or the negative.  Practice the habits that foster vitality and watch your aging turn into increased fruitfulness.


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To function optimally and thrive indefinitely requires a dynamic interchange of all six dynamics.  Now it is time to transform your current bodily state by acting on areas of weakness.  You are part of a wellness revolution and your body is the chief recipient.  Dynamic wellness is a daily lifelong process and practice.  Dynamic wellness fights against the disease process and the disease paradigm that exists in our current health system.  Dynamic wellness ties the essentials of genetics, metabolism, immunity, inflammation, detoxification and hormones into one. When you practice dynamic wellness the disease paradigm is defeated. You are no longer looking at preventing disease or simply surviving, but you are stepping into the place of thriving.  You have set the stage for a life that will be enjoyed by you, your family and the world around you.

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