Genetic Consultations

Our Genetic Consultation Process

Developing a functional plan based on genetic information is a very challenging task that very few are capable of doing well. Over the last several years, we have been developing and fine tuning our process to be as efficient as possible. Assuming you already have genetic testing done, this is the process you can expect when looking to develop a comprehensive plan with us:

  1. We gather some general information. We need to know who we are working with 🙂
  2. We ask that you give us a little information about your current health situation. 
  3. We will need you to upload your genetic raw data. Usually downloaded from a site like 23andme, courtagen, or This can be done after your booking but must be done before your consult.
  4. We ask that you provide us with as many additional health labs or pieces of information that you have relating to your health. Any lab you’ve had in the last year plus any supplement lists or health protocols you follow would be great!
  5. You will go through the scheduling process. Pick the service you want and put it on the calendar!
  6. Payment is collected at this point. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. 
  7. The waiting game… We typically book 5-6 weeks out. 2-3 weeks out in the slower season (early in the year) and up to 10-12 weeks out in the busy season (end of the year)
  8. Your Initial Consult! 
    1. Dr. John does not review your labs or genetic data prior to talking with you.
    2. The initial consult is about 30-60 minutes of face-to-face time or phone time. This time is used for Dr. John to explain what he sees in your genes and get a really good idea of your health needs to build a completely individualized plan.
    3. The rest of the time (about 60 minutes) is dedicated to solving as much of your health puzzle as possible using any supplied labs and health information along with what he sees in your genes.
    4. We ask that you stay somewhat available for phone questions during that time if clarification is needed. Our goal is to have your plan completed and sent to you within your booked 2 hour time.
    5. Please note that extremely complicated cases can require a little more time, we still try to get the plan completed as soon as possible.
  9. Your genetic action plan is sent to you. Like I said, our goal is within 2 hours of your start time… Sometimes it can take longer depending on the complexity of your situation. 


What comes next???

The initial consult and plan is just the start…

Your plan is going to outline many things for you to do take the next steps towards better health for example:

  1. Supplement Recommendations: Supplements are tools in health. It can be hard to get such target nutrition through everyday meals so we use supplements to lay the foundation for a body that needs to heal.
  2. IV Therapy and Nutritional Injection Recommendations: IV therapy and nutritional injections are the big brothers to supplements. Used to treat illness of all types, we have seen nutritional IV therapy help treat everything from Autism to Lyme and everything in between. Nutritional IV therapy bypasses any gut inefficiencies and gets the needed vitamins and nutrients directly into your blood stream for them to be utilized immediately. This is a very powerful and cutting edge tool, unfortunately it can also be pretty expensive *Just a heads up* ranging anywhere from $75 to $750 per treatment depending on what you have in it.
  3. Further Lab Testing: The best way to explain this is that genes are like the blue prints to our health. Sometimes the blue print designer used high quality materials, just in the wrong application… This can lead to “premature failure” or create “risks” if not given some extra support. Looking at your genes gives us an idea of where the wrong materials might have been used while further lab testing tells us exactly how that material is holding up and how much support it needs. *Don’t take this the wrong way, even gold or platinum can cause problems if used in the wrong applications.


The more we repeat the above processes, the more we can move towards better health. The initial consult puts together a single puzzle piece. Based on that puzzle piece, we start using tools (supplements, labs, etc..) to unlock more pieces of the puzzle. Every single time we have a followup we can unlock another key piece of the puzzle to the optimal health you are looking for.

Each followup consult you have will utilize any and all health information gathered since the last visit to further develop and solve the puzzle. Each followup consult can also be shared with anyone in your health circle to make care easier for you. We have consults between clients and their local doctors all the time so that our care plan can be utilized by your local support. 

On average, our clients have followups about every 6 weeks. This is all up to you in the end, we see clients as little as once for their initial consult and as much as every single week for dedicated support in complicated cases.


Everything we do can be completely customized to your situation and individual needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and explain your situation so we can help accommodate! 

Initial Consult Packages

  • Free 15 minute consult to see if we are a good fit. Schedule Now!
  • Basic Initial Consult for $250
  • Expedited Plan Initial Consult for $495
  • Extensive Initial Consult for $895

Specific consult package contents will be explained after you fill out a little information. Please click on the link below to get started!

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